Bradmore House, Hammersmith
28 page historical brochure on Bradmore House for the Hammersmith and Fulham Historical Buildings Group on London
Historical Building Publication
Hammersmith & Fulham Historic Buildings Group
The Hammersmith and Fulham Historical Buildings Group approached us to design, produce and print this historical brochure. Bradmore House dates back to the 1700's. In 1996 Bradmore House used to be Deals Restaurant on the Hammersmith roundabout opposite the church on the green in West London. 

The design, artwork and many amends were all completed very quickly due to a forthcoming launch of the brochure. All the scanning of the photographs and drawings were produced by Jomo. For the cover even the painting of the house taken from a sketchbook had a bad crease in the middle from top to bottom that had to be retouched out in Adobe Photoshop. The 28 page A4 historical brochure was printed four colour process throughout with the cover on a 250gsm and the text pages on a 170gsm. The cover was gloss laminated one side only.
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