Byrne Bros - Corporate Brochure
Corporate brochure for Byrne Bros
Corporate Brochure
Byrne Bros
Founded by Patsy and Johnny Byrne in 1969, Byrne Bros (Formwork) is the largest member of the dynamic Byrne Group, which offers clients a complete, integrated construction service. The Group also provides the infrastructure and financial stability to enable its businesses to operate with confidence at the highest level.
Their experience covers high tech facilities, shopping centres, universities and colleges, high profile public and award winning buildings, applying innovative uses of technology to provide engineering solutions to complex sub and superstructure.

Projects include the New No.1 Court built in 1997, permanent Broadcast Centre, a tunnel linking Church Road with Somerset Road and new courts 18 and 19, the popular Aorangi Terrace and large screen TV - Jomo created a brochure for this substantial project.

Byrne Bros have been awarded contracts for construction of the substructure works and cores for the new covered O2 Arena within the existing stressed cable net tented structure of the Millennium Dome, with a clear span of some 200m, to accommodate event and exhibition structures up to 40m high.

Byrne Bros. was appointed for the 2012 Olympic stadium construction of the in situ concrete works for the sub and superstructure.The Byrne Bros. work packages included the RC substructure and superstructure works for the stadium, the relocated Waste Transfer Station and the Northern Triangle residential scheme for key workers. 

Jomo was asked by Byrne Bros to create and produce a 16 page corporate brochure. We created the artwork and worked closely with our client. We organised all of the photography, going on site and developing photos for the brochure with Byrne Bros staff. We also oversaw the proofing and sign off by the client and the printing and delivery of the brochure.
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