Trans Indus - Travel brochure
72 page travel brochure for Indian travel specialist
Travel Brochure - India and beyond
Trans Indus
The travel brochure was perfect bound.For the second travel brochure we produced for Trans Indus Sri Lanka was added to India and Nepal. Again some time was spent with the client developing and signing off page layouts and selecting relevant photographs to go with the each text.
A number of fonts were used for this brochure so there was a strong emphasis on typography. Jomo created the map of India for the inside back cover and then smaller maps for each area in India. There were many slides, colour prints and drawings to scan and add to the artwork. There was also the need to retouch the door on the cover as some of the intricate shield designs were missing. Many of the other photos were also retouched in Adobe Photoshop one way or another. After three months the travel brochure was finished and ready to print. The 72 page brochure was printed 200gsm silk cover and 170gsm silk text pages four colour process throughout. The cover was matt laminated single sided. The print run was 35,000.

There were 16,000 price inserts also designed and printed for Trans Indus by Jomo. The 12 page price insert was perforated on the front page and inserted into the middle of the Brochure. 

From the client:
Jomo have designed and produced two travel brochures and price inserts for Trans Indus. Johnny is a conscientious and skilled designer. He is detail orientated and has a firm grasp of the technical process.

Photography Jerry Herat
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