Next Generation Data - Branding
Branding, identity work, brochures and stationery for NGD
Next Generation Data
Branding, Brochure and Stationery
Next Generation Data required a new logo for a new business. Jomo came up with the idea of using binary data in sets of four 0's or 1's within their logo to represent data. The colour green around the binary data was to emphasis their commitment to the environment with the way Data Centres operate. Jomo created their first brochure and created all their stationery. Jomo continues to work on a regular basis with NGD in Wales.
From the client:
"I have used Johnny Morris for both in corporate days at Toshiba and Cable & Wireless and as owner of my own group of companies. His work is solid and good value and he will endeavour to meet very tight time lines. 
A good guy and as long as the brief is detailed he will produce great work."
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